Ken Ahrens

Home of the...

I'm proud to be a husband, father, godfather, uncle, brother, son, and occasional developer of ill repute. For work I'm a field Data Nerd at (@newrelic) and like helping people make their websites run faster and error-free. Performance analysis is often challenging but rewarding too.


Right now I'm testing the waters of NodeJS, I've come to appreciate how JavaScript can be used to fire off lots of work in parallel for automated tasks. Core Java was my first programming language and I've worked with it professionally for 15 years. At home I run ubuntu (or lubuntu on the under-powered machines).


I enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking with my kids or camping with the Boy Scouts. I love reading mostly SF but also like to keep up with the (Hacker) News. My brother Mike and I make bottle openers under the moniker WiseCracker.

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